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Product of the Month: March 2021

Skandi Vogh Finium

About the panel

In the previous years, we had offered a panel called 'Mini texture' which was similar in design and it was highly popular for us. The design was being used within a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, homes and offices. Unfortunately (at the time), the...

Product Of The Month: February 2021

Erro Wood Wall Panel

About the panel

Erro and its twin Dominus from our Wooden Wall Design Latvia product range both take this months place as the top product. Both panels are very similar it only felt right to give them both a spot. Erro and its light wood twin Dominus have been a...

Product Of The Month: January 2021

Stardust Smart Panel

About the panel

Tecnografica Smart Panels (suitable to both our professional trade customers and DIY savvy homeowners), in particular the Stardust pattern to take this month's prized place as top product based on just how quick and easy it was to install! [masterslider id="117"]
We ordered some of our unsurprisingly popular...

Product Of The Month: December 2020

3D Cork & Moss Packs

About the packs

We have teamed up with one of our manufacturers (experts in natural surface design) to offer you a special festive offer on our 3D hexagon cork and moss packs! Available up until Christmas whilst stock lasts.

8 Packs to Choose From

15% discount on our packs of Hexagon 3D...

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