We have selected below key wall panel and mirror products that we think are perfect for bathrooms within homes, hotels and W.Cs within hospitality areas such as restaurants. Those that know us know we have our roots in bathrooms specialising in designer bathroom furniture and accessible designed bathrooms, for this please contact us for more information as we are currently in the process of developing a website for this.

Waterproof Options

All of these products possess the quality of being waterproof making them suitable for wet rooms and shower rooms and all other bathroom & W.C options.

Wallcoverings Affreschi Tailor-made Frescos

Enquire, as our manufacturer can apply a protective waterproof coating
Key Features: Bespoke to your measurements • Eco friendly • Option to be waterproof • Lightweight • High resolution
Product Page: Affreschi & Affreschi Wallcoverings

Technical Wallpaper: Waterproof, Acoustic & Eco

Waterproof option only for bathrooms, wet rooms and areas of high humidity. For WC only, other options can be used.

Ideal for: Bathrooms (Waterproof option), Homes, Restaurants, Cafes
Key Features: Waterproof, eco or sound proof qualities dependant on option. Bespoke to your measurements.
Product Page: Technical Wallpaper

Tecnografica Decorative Panels

Smart Panel option only.
Key Features: 100s of designs • Several different panel types with different qualities • Bespoke to your measurements • Waterproof (Smart Panel) • Lightweight (Smart Panels)
Product Page: Tecnografica Panels

 Smart Technology

Mues-Tec Smart Touch Screen Mirrors For Homes

Products To Consider: Mia, Malin
View the Product Specifications: Bathroom Mues-Tec Specifications
Product Page: Mues-Tec Mirrors For Homes

W.Cs and well ventilated bathrooms

In a W.C only or a well ventilated bathroom, the majority of our products are suitable dependant on whether its for a cloakroom, large restaurant W.C or office W.C . If it’s for a bar for example and you have an industrial style, our Faux brick whilst not listed would be a perfect option for you. We recommend browsing through our complete range we can let you know if the product would be suitable.