Chic Antique Wall Panels

Antique Style Panels

3D vintage wall panels for nostalgia

3D vintage wall panels to help you create a wonderfully nostalgic look for any room. Compliment by adding antiques and collectibles to develop a vintage interior or keep things simple against your show-stopping 3D decorative wall.

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All Chic Antique panels are made from resin & fibre glass making them tough, durable and giving them a beautiful level of detail. Each panel come in a large format of 2600mm x 1300mm.


Fit for royalty, the luxury Windsor panels we have fittingly named after Windsor Castle one of the most beautiful castles in the UK. Residence to the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II regarded it as her home. However, the choice of name is not solely based on the magnificent royal styling of the vintage walls. Windsor Castle survived siege warfare to the age of medieval knights, the English Civil War, and two World Wars. The royal Windsor Castle wall panels get their name from their strength, longevity, and durability.

Panel Dimensions: W2.64 x H1.3m (3.43 sqm)


While a lot of detail is packed into our classical Belvoir Grande 3D wall panels, you can rest assured that our panels are the lightest panels on the market.

Panel Dimensions: W2.4 x H1.2m (2.88 sqm)

Chic Antique Belvoir Panels

Panel Dimensions: W2.65 x H1.32m (3.5 sqm)


The more subtle of the vintage panels, Medina up close features an ornate flower design. Not just limited to a vintage interior, Medina can be paired up with modern interior products to create a stylish environment.

 Chic Antique Chantilly Panels

Panel Dimensions: W2.6 x H1.3m (3.38sqm)

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