Concrete & Metal Wall Surfaces

Muratto Metal & Concrete

Wall Surfaces for industrial Luxe style

Create stylish walls in either concrete look or metallic style finishes with our Muratto Concrete Flex Panels or Muratto Metalegance contain real concrete/metal within the surfaces. Love concrete style interior walls? You can easily achieve the look with Concrete Flex or Metalegance cement ranges. Looking for a metallic effect? Our luxe Metalegance Pure provides beautiful finishes to interiors.

All these wall surfaces are made from Muratto one of the most highly distinguishable brands of natural surface design, can provide a concrete like finish (and metal for both the Metalegance) and each wall covering is very thin with a max-width of 3mm making each perfect for projects that require light paneling.

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Concrete Flex Panelling

These products give an industrial look while being extremely sophisticated and environmentally friendly. This panel is achieved through a composite of flexible concrete and innovative technical properties. Available in 10 concrete style finishes to create your ideal concrete wall. The panels are flexible and lightweight panels with high dimensional stability whilst also being fire, moisture, ice, insect resistant.

Concrete Flex Standard: 1000 x 500 x 3 mm thickness | Concrete Flex Max: 3000 x 500 x 3 mm thickness

Material: Flexible concrete (95%), minerals (stone powder), and hydraulic blinders.

See our showroom video showing the colour options available.

Metalegance Pure Wallcoverings

A combination of metal and concrete style finishes available in the Pure range. Pure is applied as a thin panel.


Metalegance Pure Wallcoverings

Made with real natural metallic granules, a silicate compound, and oxide aluminium. Produced with the latest high-tech using real metal the wall coverings combined with an elegant and striking look in finishes of different metals and even cement. The surface is endowed with high dimensional stability and flexibility. Fire and water-resistant.

Metalgence Pure: 900 x 600 x 1.2 mm



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