Product of the Month

YouK Shelving System

Product of the Month: April 2021


What is YouK?

A shelving system as unique as you are. Created by Kesseboehmer, experts in metalwork and clever storage, YouK is an open shelving system that allows you to design your shelving the way you would like and best to suit your space. We think it’s a genius product from a highly reputable company and for that reason, it has to be our number 1 this month.


Customise Shelving

Choose from five heights, and two widths that can be mixed and matched. YouK does not include shelves, so you can pair it with your own unique choice of shelving. YouK looks great with wood, glass, metal, or a live edge shelf. There are two versions of YouK , free-hanging or free-standing on the floor.

Various grids provide different heights which can be used in different combinations.


YouK was originally designed for kitchens and fits in seamlessly with them.  Notice that the shelving is the same height as kitchen cupboards flowing seamlessly with them, and how perfect the free-hanging version looks above kitchen cupboards.


Equally, YouK is a flexible product that can be used as a wardrobe, as a wall unit, in the bathroom or office.


Product features

  • Highly flexible in designing of shelving spaces.
  • Fits seamlessly with kitchens.
  • High scratch resistance surface (a large portion of Teflon in the surface finish)
  • A contemporary metal shelving design in which you pair with shelving of your choice.
  • Quick assembly due to easy shelf fixing. No special tools are required.
  • Free-hanging or free-standing versions.
  • Uniform appearance, thanks to the welded frame connection, there are no intrusive connections and dividing lines in the vertical appearance.
  • 33 lb. total load rating per horizontal support.
  • Works with your own choice of shelves (not included).



Specification & Price List

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