Duralmond Architectural Lattice Designs

Architectural Lattice’s

Fire Retardant Duralmond Lattice’s for Interior & Exterior

Lattices are a decorative element, in the shapes of nature and also geometric styles designed to cover any area or building you can imagine, lattices can also be used as room dividers, ceiling decoration, bed headboards, decorative cladding for buildings. Different sizes and materials to suit every project.

External building lattice External building lattice

Why Choose Duralmond Panels?

  • Water resistant.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Sound insulation and anti reverberation properties. Due to the shaped surfaces of the various patterns, the panels have a dissipating effect on the sound.
  • Under existing mainland European norms, we can formulate the material to provide M4 through to M1 certification, depending on the object you want to produce.
  • Duralmond is beautiful but also lightweight therefore it will not affect the structure of a building.
  • Easy to install. No specialist knowledge is required by the installers and it has the bonus of being lightweight. Panels can if necessary even be cut with ordinary woodworking tools.
  • Mimetic material. Duralmond takes the form of the mold with great accuracy.
  • Objects of variable density can be manufactured. (From a density of 175g/litre to 700g/litre.)
  • High resistance to abrasion and impact.
  • Duralmond provides great insulation. During the polymerization process, micro-pores are created within the material which makes the Duralmond composite a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation material.
  • Resistance against insects and pests.
  • Can’t see a pattern you love? Apart from the below designs, its possible that we can also work with your own proposed designs.

Organica Collection

A Medida Collection

Linea Urban Collection

Linea Pop

Linea Clasica Collection

Linea Ojival Collection

Images coming soon

Linea Ornamental Collection

Images coming soon

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