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Why Choose Step & Wall?

  • Made from natural high quality wood. Each plank is unique and distinctive setting it apart from others.
  • Ecologically friendly. Step & Wall optimise natural resources to there full potential leaving minimal waste significantly reducing raw material consumption. While a typical 3mm hardwood floor would use 5 trees, Step & Wall would only use 1.
  • Choose your own sizes. Step & Wall gives you the option of choosing XL planks with a length up to 2420mm, beautiful in larger rooms.
  • Easy installation. A patented Unift X system allows quick and easy installation with a single click.
  • Strength and durability with excellent acoustic performance.
  • Can be finished with Brushed Pore (suitable for commercial use with low traffic)
    or Protected Pore (suitable for general commercial use and can be installed in hotels, shops or offices).


Wild Step & Wall Collection

Natural Step & Wall Collection

Rustic Step & Wall Collection

Crack Step & Wall Collection

Mineral Step & Wall Collection

Vulcano Step & Wall Collection

Ethernal Step & Wall Collection

Dawn Step & Wall Collection

Rock Step & Wall Collection

Classics Step & Wall Collection


Order accessories to complete your Step & Wall project.

Skirtings: Can be painted to match colour of the wall, laqured in white or finished in a natural oak. 12-15mm thick with round edge.

Transition Profiles: Coated to match each of our designs. Self-adhesive for easy install. 38x2500mm

Floor Beading: Coated to match each of our designs.


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