Faux Brick Panel Range

Quality Brick Wall Effect Panels

Designer Walls panels will inspire you, we guarantee that because there isn’t a showroom in the North of England with faux brick wall panels like these.

Make your enquiry today – we are experts in the supply, and if necessary the installation advice specialists too.

Why choose Faux Wall Panels?

  • If you are looking for a quality interior and exterior faux brick wall panels then look no further than this fabulous range. The look is completely natural and will appeal to a great many projects. Whether you are a designer looking to finish a loft style apartment, a private dweller who wants something more than your average feature wall, or a commercial client looking for a strong background feature then this range is sure to appeal.
  • With high tensile strength, the panels are easy to install and robust. In fact we believe it is the best quality panel of its type on the market, not to mention the detail.
  • Made from resin on fibreglass, these panels are extremely realistic with no visible joints. Your order will include joint filler and touch-up paint to ensure there is no visible hints it’s not a real brick wall. We can confidently say we believe this is the most realistic faux brick on the market.
  • Our large format approx 333cm long & 135cm high wall panels can be fitted by professionals in quick time, 8kg per m2 is the average panel weight.
  • A1 Fire Rating as Standard (non-flammable & non-combustible)
  • TS EN 13501-1 +A1:20013 ( Non -Flammable & Non Combustible )

5 Ranges Of Interior & Exterior Brick Wall Effect Panels

New Manchester Faux Brick Wall Panels

Created by photographing real Manchester bricks and sending to the manufacturer to create a true Manchester brick wall.

Virtual sample videos available of: 302, 303, 305, 309, 313, 315318, 320321

Urban Manchester Faux Brick Wall Panels

Why Manchester Brick? These are a replica of brick from a South Manchester construction site, carefully arranged in classic stretcher brick bond, and moulds created and brick tones replicated, with a few twists for the hospitality industry and interior designers.

Panel Dimensions: W3.34 x H1.34m (4.48sqm)
Virtual sample videos available of: 541, 546

Heritage Faux Brick Wall Panels

Textures that you want to touch. Once touched, you become captivated, drawn in with the characteristics of the product. The brick wall look will appeal to a great many projects.

Panel Dimensions: W3.33 x H1.35m (4.50sqm)
Virtual sample videos available of: 261, 262, 263, 266, 267

Loft Style Faux Brick Wall Panels

Looking for the loft look, something a little more industrial, something with an old loft or cellar charm,  prepare to be drawn in with the characteristics of the look of plaster removed exposed brickwork but with a few design twists of course. This rough internal brick wall look will appeal to a great many hospitality projects.

Panel Dimensions: W3.30 x H1.33m (4.39sqm)
Virtual sample videos available of: 841, 842, 843

Urban Blockwork Style Faux Brick Wall Panels

These roughly laid concrete block effect wall panel, reflect that abandoned building look, the perfect backdrop for individual Graffiti artists. Available in natural concrete colour or whitewashed.

Panel Dimensions: W3.34 x H1.34m (4.48sqm)


View our virtual sample videos of Faux Brick or contact us

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