Finium Pre Finished Hardwood Panels

Friendly Wall from Finium Decorative Wall Panels in Real Wood

Add a unique touch to your next commercial or domestic architectural project with a decorative timber wall by Finium

Finium designs and manufactures high-end, high-design wall coverings. Serious craftsmanship in truly innovative, consistently high quality products, with all the advantages of a modern production process.

Like most of our portfolio, Finium wall panels are suited best to the Commercial Design sector, although perfectly at home in any residence.

Six beautiful ranges compliment the “Friendly Wall’ portfolio  Hillside, Onata, Classik, Evolution, Hecolo, Olio all ever so slightly different. We are especially keen to present our Friendly wall portfolio to the Hotel Sector via various fit out contractors. From feature walls, to overall interior cladding, they are sure to add a depth of luxury and interest to any interior.


Finium’s latest collection ‘Harvest’ based on the rough and textured look. The Harvest decorative wall collection is inspired by the style of old barn wood. Its architectural aesthetic boasts a unique rustic texture with no repeating patterns created using a haphazard sanding process. Raw fibers, saw marks, and knots are left visible. Oversized planks in consistent widths let all the details and colour nuances in the wood come through.



Finium carefully match the stains with each of the tones inherent in the natural grain of the maple.

  • Amadeus is the darkest stain in our classik collection adding rich shades to an interior.
  • Baker stain reflects sensitivity and warmth, ideal to impart a contemporary warm look to a room.
  • Davis named after singer-songwriter Miles Davis due to its popularity, the maple walls adds a modern finish to your interior. Like Miles, the walls keep up well with trends and will never be considered dated.
  • Debussy combines rustic with modern by using the grey stain. From feature walls, to overall interior cladding, the Classiks are sure to add a depth of luxury and interest to any interior.
  • Add depth to your walls with Walnut. Natural tones of the Canadian wood from golden brown to darker brown make each wall unique.

The objective of ‘Finium’ is to become known as an ECO-Resposible manufacturer of Wall panels, made primarily from Canadian Hardwoods. So how is this achieved? Finium hardwood wall panels are made from carefully selected hardwood sources, then they use all the waste hardwood from selected responsible industry partners, and create stunning 3D pre finished panels from a natural product.



The stripes and streaks of the different colours in veined wood of Oile has passed the test of time, imparting character and history. Call us on 07540 924838 to add the magic and character of richly veined, oil-treated wood in your commercial or home residence.

Oile Brisbane is the lighter veined wood while Oile Dakar is the darker version.

Finium hardwood panels are ideal to impart a contemporary warm look to a room. With a gorgeous organic finish, they are available in 10 beautiful shades and available in the UK only through Designer Walls UK. They are easy to install, requiring no more than good joinery tools and skills, with an average install time of just over 2 hours to install a 10ft x 8ft wall for example (2 men).



The three types of Hecolo wood offer different visual experiences.

The effect of high quality Hecolo Edinburgh Hecolo is a textured, intimate atmosphere, ideal for a highlighting strong contrasts. San Francisco Hecolo is named after the veil effect the wood gives not unlike the famed fog of San Francisco. An ideal backdrop in your office, cafe/restaurant or reception area. While Sao Paolo Hecolo is a mixture of amber, gold and brown tones. The effect is of the setting of the sun captured in wood, perfect for winding down.

Like the blocks of different shades of wood? Be sure to check out Chianti, Barolino Meols and Seoul from our reclaimed range.


Interested in specifying ‘Finium’ for future projects, you will find this installation video quite useful to pass on to your contractor, in truth its the domain of the joinery trade, but this video shows it can be installed by the most competent of people.

Engineered corner pieces available.



Contact us to find out more about the Finium collection and to discuss your next project