GenCork 3D Cork Designs ‘New Generation’

Cork Has Evolved

This Is New Generation Cork, This is GenCork

3D Designs in Cork, that will inspire, amaze and astound.
One of the natures naturally harvested products that has almost a 90% Eco-Friendly Credential has been given a new design purpose in 2D & 3D wall surface designs and a contemporary range of furniture.

3D Cork Wall Panels 3D Cork Wall Panels

Why Choose GenCork Panels?

  • They are made from cork and are 100% natural without the use of additives.
  • Weather, water and fire resistant.
  • Acoustic dampening.
  • Beautiful dark chocolate colour due to the manufacturing process
  • A huge range of different variations of a pattern can be produced with GenCork, that can be adapted to any size.


Make a statement with dark chocolate cork pattern panels



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