Luxury Italian Wall Designs by Affreschi & Affreschi

3D Effect Murals

Real Italian Fresco’s with eco friendly materials

Affreschi Wall Designs are the brainchild of Dario Roselli, based on his thought ‘the place I love to be’. Dario revolutionised wall decoration by becoming the worlds leading producer of plaster-based murals.

Every project is tailor-made to fit your room wall requirements. Simply let us know your measurements.

Affreschi create beautiful 3D effect wall murals which are almost an optical illusion on space. Ample choice to chose from our Pattern Monochrome, Escape, Industrial, By the Sea, Drawn Painted Illustrated, Medina and Once upon a time collections. An excellent choice for increasing space and fooling the eye, creating walls that wow.

Why choose Affreschi Wall Murals?

  • It’s not just wallpaper. In fact we are reluctant to call it wallpaper as it’s so far removed from any wallpaper on the market. The wall coverings are handmade, made on sheets of 1mm thick rollable plaster.  The product is made of 27 precious raw materials made in Italy, including lime, Roman travertine powder and Carrara marble. The result is a product that is free of plastic materials, with a finish that looks and feels completely natural.
  • The material protects walls and lets them breathe, guaranteeing strength, durability, and the protection of the health of both people and the environment.
  • With a wide range of commercial use’s, especially because its lightweight and has a high strength, tough and durable, it’s a great partner for design projects of all description.
  • Eco friendly materials used to create frescos.
  • High-resolution image reproduction.
  • Affreschi & Affreschi because these panels only require low or negligible maintenance.
  • 100% made in Italy. Developed & manufactured in ‘Minervino di Lecce’, Southern Italy using the finest Stucco (Italian flexible plaster).

3D Effect: Pattern Monochrome

Get lost within the 3D patterns that make it hard to believe they’re 2D.

 3D Effect: Escape

3D Effect: Industrial

3D Effect: By the Sea

3D Effect: Once upon a Time

2D & 3D Effect Drawn, Painted & Illustrated

A collection of original wall mural designs to fall in love with. Tropical plants and textures blended together to create a vibrant mix of striking murals.

 3D Effect: Medina

Classic Italian Wall Art Designs

 Application Of Affreschi

Ceiling Application


Wall Application


Contact us to find out more about our Luxury mural collection and to discuss your next project

The quality, level of detail and ample of choice of the wallcoverings speaks for itself. If you would like to be emailed an image of a particular wallpaper to see more detail simply email us the code you would like.


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