Prorac Decor 3D Wall Panels

Prorac Wall Panels to create unique spaces

Tired of flat walls? Let your imagination run wild

3D Wall Covering with repetitive design to add style and dimension to your space. The panels are easy to install and are made from sustainable materials.

Orac New Classics | W107 Circle Orac New Classics | W107 Circle

Why Choose Prorac Wall Panels?

  • Play around with the different shapes, create unique layouts and use fun colour accents as a finishing touch.
  • Easy to install.
  • Paintable. They already have a white primer layer so you can paint over immediately.
  • Made from high quality polyurethane which is extremely lightweight.
  • Water resistant.

Prorac 3D Wall Panels

Bar 3D Panels (W111)

Bar: L200cm x H25cm x W2cm

Ridge 3D Panels (W112)

Ridge: L200cm x H25cm x W1.9cm

Cobble 3D Panels (W113)

Cobble: L200cm x H25cm x W2.2cm

Envelope (W106) & Circle (W107) 3D Panels

Circle: L33.3cm x H2.9cm x W33.3cm  Envelope: L33.3 x H2.9 x W33.3cm
Envelope and Circle can be used separately or combined.

Zigzag (W108)

L200cm x H25cm x W1.8cm

Hill (W110)

L200xm x H25cm x W1.6cm

Valley (W109)

L200cm x H25cm x W1.3cm

Trapezium (W101) & Rombus (W100)

Trapezium: L15cm x H2.9cm x W34.5cm Rombus: L15cm x H2.9cm x W25.8cm


Rectangle (W120): L150cm x H3.2cm x W50cm  Square (W121): L50cm x H3.2cm x W50cm


For added decorative detail inserts W122 (round) & W123 (pyramid) can also be added.

Prorac Coving

Prorac Skirting

Prorac Wall Moulding


We have 100s to choose from.. To see information about our coving, skirting, wall mouldings and further information on our panels, please view our online catalogue.

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