Origami & Wine Barrel Timber Panels

Origami Styled Timber Wall Surfaces & Old Wine Barrel Wall Panels

Bespoke wall surfaces for bespoke projects, Artisan made portfolio of shapes and 3D for stunning wall decoration.

Origami Styling Panels


Old Wine Barrel Panels

Just like the name implies, these wall surfaces and panels are made from old wine barrels that have become redundant as towards there original use, and the wine staining and rich colouring make the perfect backdrop for any area with a bar theme, domestic or commercial.

How to obtain a quote is simple, screenshot the image, or copy the name of the panel or panels, provide us with a wall dimension and we will obtain a quote, based on how the factory would put together the panels for your specific project, the factory has to consider shipping and panel size.

Contact us to find out more about the wine barrel & origami collections and to discuss your next project