Product Of The Month: February 2021

Erro Wood Wall Panel

About the panel

Erro and its twin Dominus from our Wooden Wall Design Latvia product range both take this months place as the top product. Both panels are very similar it only felt right to give them both a spot. Erro and its light wood twin Dominus have been a popular 3D wood wall panel for us so far this year!

About Erro and Dominus

The 3D cube effect of Erro and Dominus is such a visually interesting panels and both can also be used together to create a particularly striking design. Both products make the use of simple geometry creating a 3D wall with a delicate wedge shape.


Erros (left) and Dominus (right) used together within a living room

We have so much love for these panels that we have added them both to our front window showroom display this lockdown. It’s such an impressive design that we’ve had enquiries of this product simply from uploading other products to social media and the panels being in the background of other products we had been showing!

The 3D panels work wonderfully with light creating shadows upon themselves.

Each panel of the products Erro is 60x15cm (11pcs per 1m2) with a thickness varying between 11-21 mm. Dominus differs in thickness varying between 19-39mm.

living room using Erro Wall Panel

Erros works particularly well when combined with lighting

About the Manufacturer

Wood Wall Latvia products are all sustainable woods which are FSC® certificated (the mark of responsible forestry). The Erro in made from a mix of spruce and pine tree whilst the Dominus is made from oak. As our manufacturer says “Each one of us every day making a choice, and when you see FSC® labeled products; you can make your choice and help the forests of our planet.” Eco responsibilty is at the heart of this company with many of the products are reclaimed, using sources such as salvaged barn wood to create the products.

The products are the work of skilled craftmenship, were the form, general appearance and longevity is carefully considered. Each wall design is the result of 100s of peices of wood turned into a bespoke pieces of art by experts of their profession.



Both products can be ordered online via our newly updated online outlet store Designer Walls Outlet and those local and trade customers send us an email to discuss.

Alternatively see more from our Wood Wall Latvia collection.

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