Restaurant, Bars & Cafes

Cork Muratto Luxury Panels

What better suited material is there for a bar than cork? The stylish eco-friendly product is available in several different styles and an array of warming colours.

Material: Cork
Products To Consider: Cork bricks, Prime cork
Key Features: Eco Friendly • Easy Install • Acoustic qualities (see acoustic range)
Product Page: Luxury Cork Panels

Wooden Finium Hardwood Panels

Material: Wood
Key Features: Eco Friendly
Product Page: Finium Hardwood Panels

Wooden Skandi Koncept Wall Panels

Material: Wood
Key Features: Eco Friendly
Product Page: Finium Skandi Panels

Form At Wood

Material: Wood
Key Features: 3D Oak or Walnut wood • Flexibility in finishes • Eco Friendly
Product Page: Form At Wood

Wallcoverings Affreschi Tailor-made Frescos

Stylish Wallcoverings that are made to your required dimensions. Create an Italian fresco in your restaurant with our Classic collection, visually extend the size of your pub with our barrel wallcovering (105.1) or give the illusion of space entirely with our stunning monotone 3D wall murals.

Key Features: Bespoke to your measurements • Eco friendly • Option to be waterproof • Lightweight • High resolution
Product Page: Affreschi & Affreschi Wallcoverings

Technical Wallpaper: Waterproof, Acoustic & Eco

Key Features: Waterproof, eco or sound proof qualities dependant on option. Bespoke to your measurements.
Product Page: Technical Wallpaper

Faux Brick Wall Panels

Material:Resin Notes: 1 panel is approx W333cm x H135cm
Key Features:  Large format • Ideal for trade • Quick Install • A1 fire rating
Product Page: Faux Brick

Faux Stone Slate Panel Range

Key Features:  Large format • Ideal for trade.
Product Page: Faux Stone

Industrial Themed Wall Panels

Key Features:  Large format • Ideal for trade
Product Page: Industrial Themed

Chic Antique Wall Panels

Key Features: Large format • Ideal for trade.

Product Page: Chic Antique Panels

Tecnografica Decorative Panels

Products To Consider: These are available in several finishes great for different applications. The Smart Panels are available at a lower price point and are flexible so perfect for curved bars/counters. The Decora LED & LUX are a stunning LED incorporated wall idea.
Key Features: 100s of designs • Several different panel types with different qualities • Bespoke to your measurements • Waterproof (Smart Panel) • LED Options (Decora LED & Decora LUX) • Lightweight (Smart Panels)
Product Page: Tecnografica Panels

Lattice Duralmond Architectural Designs

Ideal for: Hotels, bars, offices
Key Features: Fire retardant • Water resistant • Acoustic properties • Lightweight • Insulation properties
Product Page: Lattices

3D Decodesk Decorative Walls

Ideal for: Retail, bars, hotels, restaurants
Key Features: Available in all RAL & Pantone colours • 2D & 3D designs • Waterproof
Product Page: Decodesk

Luxury Metalwork by tRACK

Material: Metal
Product Page: Luxury Metalwork by T-Rack