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Faux Brick Wall Panels

Material:Resin Notes: 1 panel is approx W333cm x H135cm
Key Features:  Large format • Ideal for trade • Quick Install • A1 fire rating
Product Page: Faux Brick

Faux Stone Slate Panel Range

Key Features:  Large format • Ideal for trade.
Product Page: Faux Stone

3D Decodesk Decorative Walls

Key Features: Available in all RAL & Pantone colours • 2D & 3D designs • Waterproof
Product Page: Decodesk

3D Prorac Decor Wall Panels

Key Features: Primed ready for painting • Lightweight • Easy to install • 3D shapes, coving, skirting and wall moulding available.
Product Page: Prorac 3D

Concrete & Metal Surfaces

Key Features: Lightweight concrete & metallic walls • Flexible • Eco-friendly

Product Page: Concrete & Metal

Easy Install Eco 3D Wall Panels

Material: Sugarcane
Key Features: Eco Friendly • Lightweight • Easy Install • Paintable
Product Page: Eco 3D

Tecnografica Decorative Panels

Ideal for: Bathrooms, Bars
Key Features: 100s of designs • Several different panel types with different qualities • Bespoke to your measurements • Waterproof (Smart Panel) • LED Options (Decora LED & Decora LUX) • Lightweight (Smart Panels)
Product Page: Tecnografica Panels