Skandi Koncept Wall Panels

Scandinavian Style


A contemporary Scandinavian style with eye-catching combinations of lines exposed by a meticulous finish. U.V. varnish 10% gloss, low voc, antimicrobial protection.

Why Choose Finium Skandi?

Putting aside the high quality and beautiful Skandi style designs, the eco credentials is one of the things we love about our Canadian Finium products.

  • Part of the One Tree Planted Foundation. Finium is committed to making monthly donations and planting a tree for each order it ships.
  • At every step of their manufacturing process, they do their best to optimise the use of wood. No part of the tree is wasted, all the production residues are processed and reused.
  • The trees are from sustainably managed forests.
  • 100% of the varnishes and oils they use are continuously recycled and reused throughout the production cycle.
  •  They use post-industrial wood waste in their manufacturing process.
  • Low VOC natural oil and solvent-free 100% solids UV coating.

Vogh: White Oak | Skwair: Walnut | Kyoob: White Oak | Silekt: White Oak | Sheek: White oak

Virtual sample videos available of: VoghSkwairKyoobSilekt and Sheek


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