Smart Mirrors For The Home

The Mona, Mia and Malin mirrors have the same technology, each being able to achieve the same but each has different qualities making it more suitable for specific areas of the home.


The kitchen is for dancing.. and for connecting with loved ones!  Mues-Tec Mona is an incredible mirror specially developed for the kitchen cabinet, and you don’t lose any storage space.



Follow along with Gordon Ramsey on cooking apps on how to make the perfect roast or just ring / Facetime your friends and cook together. Then have a romantic remote dinner date via Zoom thanks to its integrated camera and listen to your favourite playlist on Spotify. All possible with Mues-Tec technology at the touch of a finger or by voice control. In the kitchen, Mues-Tec’s smart device not only becomes an audio-visual idea source for perfect meals and interactive cooking but can also be connected to intelligent kitchen appliances.

  • Shows recipes on the display
  • Listen to music.
  • Offers connectivity to smart kitchen devices such as kitchen scales, refrigerators, coffee machines, roast temometres and other consumer electrical.
  • Communicate online with family and friends while cooking.
  • Be inspired by cooking videos.

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View the Product Specifications: Kitchen Mues-Tec Specifications


Mues-Tec Mia is perfect for bathrooms. It’s stylish, waterproof certified, and equipped with perfect LED lighting for daily make-up. Having apps over your basin, every day begins with entertainment at its best as well as the latest news.


Relax in the bath listening to music. Monitor your weight by pairing it with smart technology.

  • Add to the bathroom to help improve daily hygiene routines.
  • Keep you informed with the news and weather.
  • Control your smart home.
  • Check your daily vitals.
  • Listen to music.
  • Play make-up and styling tutorials.

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View the Product Specifications: Bathroom Mues-Tec Specifications


Bedroom & Hallways


Download fitness apps from the Google Playstore to turn your mirror into your own personal fitness trainer for reaching fitness goals. Don’t worry all Playstore apps are available on all our Mues-Tec – not just fitness ones. Unwind before bed with meditation by pairing with the Head Space app.

  • Check the weather before leaving the house.
  • Turn all you smart lights and other devices off.
  • Call a taxi or check public transport.
  • CCTV.

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View the Product Specifications: Bedroom & Living Mues-Tec Specifications

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