Smart Mirrors For Hospitality


Marlo The Perfect Virtual Butler

Not just a mirror, Mues-Tec Marlo has been designed to be the perfect virtual butler. The smart interactive mirror offers an enhanced stay for hotel guests. Sensitive to movement the mirror comes alive once a guest enters the room and can provide communication between guests and hosts in an intelligent but simple way offering a wide range of options to improve the guests stay and even increase customer loyalty.



What can Marlo do for Hotels?

Here’s a small selection of ideas of what the smart touch mirror can be programmed to do within a hotel… First welcome guests with a friendly message, advising them of key details such as the facility’s opening times. Reveal details such as today’s menu and suggest spa treatments they can indulge in that day. Guests can use Marlo to call room service and Mues-Tec can invite guests to enjoy the happy hour in the bar.


  • Marlo is a bespoke product available in sizes from 28cm to 109cm dependant on your requirements.
  • It can offer a welcome message for guests.
  •  Invite guests to enjoy the happy hour in the bar or other hotel specials and reveals details such as opening hours and today’s menu.
  • Can suggest spa treatments, provides ideas for excursions and local events, and books sightseeing packages.
  • AC control, other smart object control such as lights, roller blinds, TV, music and more.
  • Plays music.
  • Service call, room service and checkout options.
  • Request for room clean, towel changes, laundry and other requests.
  • Adds do not disturb to rooms and can call for help if required.

Viktoria best describes the Marlo mirror in the below video.


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