Smart Touch Screen Mirror TV

Smart Touch Screen Mirror TV

Mues-Tec Smart Mirrors for homes and hotels

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Mues-Tec, leaders in Smart Mirror technology.
The mirrors can meet almost every requirement an interior designer or architect may have in mind in terms of shape, lighting, size and technical requirement.


Why Choose Smart Touch Screen Mirror TVs?

  • The Smart Touch Screen Mirrors are always customer and project specific. In size, shape and the technical requirements.
  • Touchscreen and voice controlled.
  • Internet access Wi-Fi and LAN, Bluetooth to connect other devices and supports smart home control.
  • Waterproof, steamproof and IP rated so suitable for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Brilliant high definition full HD display with high brightness screen.
  • Leaders in Smart Mirror technology, Mues-Tec received two prestigious awards in 2020. The Plus X Award for Best Product of the Year 2020 and Highest Achievements in the categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality. The Smart Mirrors were also honored by the F.A.Z. Award for Most Desired Smart Home Solutions 2020.
  • Entertainment and information for every room.

See below for a brief list of things Smart Mirrors could do in various locations throughout homes and hotels..


The Perfect Virtual Butler

Not just a mirror, the smart interactive mirror offer a perfect virtual butler for digital communication and a enhanced stay for hotel guests. Sensitive to movement the mirror comes alive once a guest enters the room and can provide communication between guests and hosts in an intelligent but simple way offering a wide range of options to improve the guests stay and even increase customer loyalty.

A small selection of ideas of what your smart touch mirror can be programmed to do in your hotel..

  • A welcome message for guests
  •  Invite guests to enjoy the happy hour in the bar or other hotel specials and reveals details such as opening hours and today’s menu.
  • Can suggest spa treatments, provides ideas for excursions and local events, and books sightseeing packages.
  • AC control, other smart object control such as lights, roller blinds, TV, music and more.
  • Plays music.
  • Service call, room service and checkout options.
  • Provides light and a stye mirror with a difference.
  • Request for room clean, towel changes, laundry and other requests.
  • Adds do not disturb to rooms and can call for help if required.


Bathroom Bliss

  • Add to the bathroom to help improve daily hygiene routines.
  • Keep you informed with the news and weather.
  • Control your smart home.
  • Check your daily vitals.
  • Listen to music.
  • Play make-up and styling tutorials.
  • Watch TV in the bathtub or shower.

Kitchen Assistant

By including a Smart Mirror, the kitchen cabinet door becomes a smart kitchen!

  • Shows recipes on the display
  • Listen to music.
  • Offers connectivity to smart kitchen devices such as kitchen scales, refrigerators, coffee machines, roast temometres and other consumer electrical.
  • Communicate online with family and friends while cooking.
  • Be inspired by cooking videos.

Living Area Envy

  • Check the weather before leaving the house.
  • Turn all you smart lights and other devices off.
  • Call a taxi or check public transport.
  • CCTV.


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