Specialist Wallpaper Options – Eco, Waterproof and Acoustic

Bespoke Wallpaper

Eco, Waterproof and Acoustic

Why is it technical wallpaper? Its bespoke to your measurements and we can offer each design (and there is over 500) in several different finishes including Waterproof, Acoustic and Eco finish.

Wallpaper Types

Type: Waterproof Technical Wallpaper

Our Specialist Waterproof Wallpaper is a special wallpaper made of fiberglass which is suitable for the most humid environments including the internal part of the showers.

Type: Acoustic Technical Wallpaper

Ideal for noisy environments such as office spaces, restaurants and helping to block noisy neighbours. The Acoustic fibreglass option makes the wallpaper not only visually stunning but practical by helping to obstruct the passage of sound waves, allows the absorption of noises and decreases the echo and reverberation effects in interiors. Despite being just 3mm thick the acoustic option achieves an noise reduction coefficient (NRC) equal to 0.2 (20% sound absorption) and not only sound-absorbing, it can also help save energy as it has thermal conductivity equivalent to that of mineral wool.

Type: Eco Technical Wallpaper

Cellulose fiber-based Wallpaper option which is PVC-free and without chemical solvents. The wallpaper is provided with all certifications required for application. The support is white, embossed and thick, with stucco effect which guarantees photographic-quality images, with extremely bright and vivid colours.

Type: & More

All the below finishes are also available in 3  ‘standard’ finishes. Fabric effect, TNT and Skin.

Wallpaper Designs

Nature Wallpaper / Wall Murals




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