Product Of The Month: January 2021

Stardust Smart Panel

About the panel

Tecnografica Smart Panels (suitable to both our professional trade customers and DIY savvy homeowners), in particular the Stardust pattern to take this month’s prized place as top product based on just how quick and easy it was to install!

We ordered some of our unsurprisingly popular Smart Panel Stardust for our showroom front window before Christmas. Gary has just installed it within our showroom with ease in lightning speed, and it’s stunning – and we haven’t even peeled the protective film off yet…

Receiving The Panel

The panels are lightweight and arrive rolled up within a crate ( a max of 19m2 fits in 1 crate) which makes them very easy to maneuver, particularly in awkward to get to spaces or high up apartments where for instance large marble slabs would be out of the question. Live on top of the Shard and want a 300 x 150 panel? That’s not an issue for our Smart Panels, one man and a porters trolley. Something large heavy porcelain tiles will never be able to achieve!

Delivery of Stardust wall panel showing the box and unraveled panel within our showroom

Up to 19m2 of panels can be sent in a single box


Quick and easy installation within our showroom, we applied the adhesive over tiles.

What Is A Smart Panel?

The Smart Panels come in 100s of different patterns (see them all on our dropbox). They can all be available in either matt or gloss, typically we would recommend gloss unless the chosen design is naturally raw such as tarnished metal or stone effect. These panels are made bespoke and are cut to your desired height and width, each separate panel comes in a maximum size of 300x150mm and thickness of 2.5mm.

The panels are made out of polycarbonate on structural fiberglass which gives them the properties of being an extremely lightweight panel that is completely flexible making them suitable for curved walls or a curved bar front for example.

A bonus, these panels are completely waterproof when installed correctly. They can also be added to a shower area like shown.


As these panels are already cut to your required size, it makes installing them that much simpler and from an eco perspective there is no wastage. If any further work is needed such as allowing for light switches, it can be machined on-site with normal carpenters tools.

For installation, we typically recommend also purchasing our manufacturers recommended 2 part adhesive.

Watch out for a video shortly on how Gary installed the Stardust panel in our showroom. We are just waiting on the tiling at the side of the panel to be done before we take off the protective covering, revealing the panel in its full glory.

When installed correctly the smart panels are entirely waterproof suitable for showers & wet rooms

StarDust Finish

The Stardust finish has been one of our favourite panels from when we first began offering the Smart Panels as an option to our customers. It has such depth to it. It is part of a ‘Precious Stones’ collection that enhances the splendor of natural stones: a luxurious interpretations of nature through macro-enlargements and vivid colours.

The panel has two variants option 1 (left) & option 2 (right), our manufacturers typically choses the best suited.

It would suit a wide range of areas such as contemporary homes, stylish bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, and bars to name a few.

Not only can the Stardust Tecnografica panel design be available on a Smart panel, all our  Tecnografica panel designs can also be applied to;

  • A Double Face Smart Panel (double-sided, 9mm thick)
  • A Decora Lux Panel (A panel in which you add backlit lighting)
  • and a Decora LED Panel (A panel in which the LED lighting is included).


Find Out More & Ordering

Find out more by seeing our Smart Panel & Tecnografica webpage.

Love the product and would like to enquire please send us a message or fill in our enquiry form. These panels are made bespoke to your height and width measurements, for a cost we require your wall dimensions and postcode. We will also price in the cost of the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive however if you have a particular two-part adhesive you would prefer to use instead please let us know and we will remove it from the costing. Once your order is placed we will shortly send you over a proof of your panel, once confirmed your happy to proceed our manufacturer will begin to create your bespoke panel/s.

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