‘Teak Love’ from Kathkriti


KathKriti ‘Wall Panels That Embrace The Natural Beauty Of Rescued Waste ‘Teak’ From India’

The word ‘Kath’ meaning ‘Wood or Timber’ in India, and ‘Kriti’ meaning handicraft or handicrafts, put them together and you have KathKriti.

We call it ‘Teak Love’

Kathkriti Rubble 01 Teak Love

KathKriti is a series of wall panels created from waste teak wood, reflecting in part some of the ‘Art of India’ within the cultures of certain regions.

Kathkriti wall panels are the creation of respected Indian Architect Dinesh Bairaria, based in Historic Jaipur.


I once asked Dinesh early in the design and conception process what his influences were? His quote “decorating walls is one of the oldest forms of Art in the history of the Man Kind. Starting from the caves he used to live in. Every culture and region has its own influence in developing this Art from time to time.” I knew then something special was happening in Jaipur. Teak being the most popular hardwood of India has its presence in almost every single house, places of work and worship across the entire Indian continent, in some way or other.

Also because of Teaks exceptional characteristic, great aesthetical beauty and its availability in this region, there is a considerable amount of small waste pieces from the most beautiful part of the tree, Dinesh was able to see the beauty of these pieces of waste, and with the ‘Eco-Responsible’ directives of Architects & Architecture ‘KathKriti’ Wall Panels ensure this beautiful natural resource is used up to the maximum potential with some stunning results.