Tecnografica Decorative Panels

Luxury Italian Panels

Technology Combined With Craftsmanship

Tecnografica both find beautiful materials from across the world and create new materials within their labourites ready to be scanned and printed into high resolution onto transparent polycarbonate or resin composite. They combine technology with craftsmanship to create the panels that are unique and visually stunning, unlike any you have ever seen before. The Italian company’s mission is to offer the best in terms of design and technology. Luxury design at its best.

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Why choose Tecnografica Smart Panels?

  • Available in a wide variety of finishes including New Smart Panel, Smart Panel Double Face, Dècora LED, Dècora Lux and Dècora Stucco. (see below for more details on the benefits of each finish)
  • They are ultra thin and ultra light.
  • large size (up to 150×300 cm)
  • Smart Panel Finish is extremely flexible so suitable for curved walls.
  • Some finishes are made from polycarbonate making it perfect for wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Latest Designs

Virtual sample videos available of: Alabastro, Indigo

Alantide Decorative Panels

Decorative panels collection designed based on the ancient submerged worlds. High-resolution designs from the acquisition of real natural stones, fossil shells, and tropical shells.

Virtual sample videos available of: Borealis

Gaia Decorative Panels

Gaia is the decorative panels collection that embodies all the power of nature and the brilliant shades of colour of the blue planet. The statement panels in this collection are reinterpretations of rare natural stones created by using high-resolution scans of fine marbles and onyx, and passing through the meticulous work of our designers.

Grandi Marmi Panels

Grandi Marmi designs have been specifically created to cover large surfaces, in fact each subject can be digital-printed on different panels as a continuous graphic.

Virtual sample videos available of: Arabescato

Index Decorative Panels

Virtual sample videos available of: Wonderland

Infinity Gems Decorative Panels

Stones that were forged in the darkness for millennia and that now are released out in the open, thanks to the incredible high resolution of digital printing. Space-time leaps on the natural artwork of rare crystals and minerals.

Supernatural Decorative Panels

Virtual sample videos available of: Emperor

Super Preziosi Decorative Panels

It’s from the unexpected imagination of nature that the brand new collection Super Preziosi takes its traits, with designers enhancing the artistic peculiarities of each rare natural stone reproduced in large size to be fully appreciated.

Precious Stones Decorative Panels

The Precious Stones collection enhance the brilliance of natural stones. Luxurious interpretations of nature through macro-enlargements and extremely vivid and beautiful colours.

New Surfaces Decorative Panels

New Surfaces is inspired by marble, stone, granite, cement, cotto tiles and bronze. It also includes panels influenced by Mediterranean style.

Virtual sample videos available of: Marrakesh

What Finishes Are The Products Available In?


  • Smart Panel: Made from polycarbonate, it is a large decorative panel (up to 150×300 cm), ultra-thin (only 2.2 mm thick), ultra-light (3 kg/m2), and extremely flexible (suitable for curved walls). Its polycarbonate composition makes it perfect for wet environments.
  • Smart Panel Double Face: With similar benefits as the above, the difference being this panel is finished on both sides making it perfect for partitions or as a decorative element where both sides are visible. This product comes complete with edging on the profile. Smart Panel Double Face reaches a final thickness of 9 mm.
  • Dècora LED: A Light-integrated Decorative Panel System. The reduced thickness of the panel allows installation on wall, recessed-panel installation, and installation on specific profiles, standing far from the wall. LED lights that are  managed through a controller/mobile app. Excellent light and color rendering, together with a low energy consumption.


Browse Our full range of Tecnografica panel designs on Dropbox or contact us

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