Product of the Month: March 2021

Skandi Vogh Finium

About the panel

In the previous years, we had offered a panel called ‘Mini texture’ which was similar in design and it was highly popular for us. The design was being used within a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, homes and offices. Unfortunately (at the time), the product became difficult to get hold of and eventually out of stock. Since we had not found a product to equal the mini texture, that is until Finium launched their stylish Vogh panel last year that triumphs it. We’ve been in love with Vogh ever since!

Close up of contemporary textured wall panel within a restaurant. Close up of contemporary textured wall panel within a restaurant.

The Vogh is such a brilliant design that we had to stock it ourselves and we will soon be receiving stock of the product to our showroom warehouse to cut down on delivery time for you.

Clever Design

The panel is a contemporary stylish square panel made from white oak. The sustainable Vogh comes in 6 designs (1 box of 6 panels includes all 6 designs) mixed together enabling you can lay the panels out so no part of a wall looks the same. We think this is incredibly clever of Finium as it draws the eye to the subtle detail.


The Specification

This product is sold per box, each box includes 2.23m2.

Size per each panel: 60.96 x 60.96cm (6 within the box)  Thickness: 7mm  Wood Species: White Oak

See the full specification

See installation instructions


About Finium

Finium is a fantastic company for which we are the UK contact of, they are a delight to work with and their products are of the highest quality something which we value greatly. All Finium products are created by paying impeccable attention to the look, finish, and durability of every product produced with meticulous quality control that is second to none.


Putting aside the high quality and beautiful designs, the eco-credentials is one of the things we love about our Canadian Finium products. The trees they use are from sustainably managed forests and at every step of their manufacturing process, they do their best to optimise the use of wood. No part of the tree is wasted, all the production residues are processed and reused. This only scratches the surface however, Finium have so many more eco qualities!


How to order

Both products can be pre-ordered online via our newly updated online outlet store Designer Walls Outlet and those local and trade customers send us an email to discuss.

Note: When ordering, we advise you to allow an extra 10% on final wall measurements, this allows a margin of error on installing and measuring.

Alternatively see more from our Finium Skandi Collection or view our online Finium catalogue.

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