Wooden Wall Designs (Latvia)

Genuine antique wood lovingly reworked and turned into a modern and very popular panel for finishing internal walls.

Potentially a century old wooden weather boards & planks with a surface that has been scorched by the sun and hardened by the rain and wind from existing buildings in Europe.

Great emphasis on this collection of wall panel decoration from our supplier has been on the ‘deconstruction’ element in the supply chain.

Beautiful planks and beams with naturally formed splits and cracks and holes from the nails,  well ‘Wooden Wall Design’ are working with such materials, carefully deconstructing timber buildings that are clad with this natural resource to give “second life”,  this unique material source helps to create a unique product!

Decorative wood panels are a modern and innovative decorative product for internal wall covering, for commercial and domestic applications.

They are made of various tree species, different lengths, width and thickness of the components, which are combined in a beautiful article. Surfaces have different shades – from grey to brown, from light yellow to black. Some of them have formed in the sun, rain, and wind for a hundred years! Wall finishing panels are a unique handmade product. Only a few square meters of wall covering panels will give your room interior a memorable accent and will create warmth and cosiness.

The gallery below is all about our wall panels in Living room situations

The Gallery below is the names of our various panel styles

The Gallery Below is showcasing dining room areas

The gallery below is showcasing the panels in trendy restaurant and bar settings

The gallery below is showcasing how the panels can be used in an office, reception or boardroom setting.