Zierath Mirrors, What’s Your Style?

The Perfect Light

tailor-made needs-based mirror solutions

Our manufacturer stands for highly individual, needs-based mirror and lighting solutions that make every customer request a reality. We manufacture the tailor-made special solution, no matter how unusual it may be.

At Zierath they make every mirror by hand. Special requests and custom-made products are the usual order of the day. For you, this means that you have almost limitless possibilities to get the perfect mirror with the equipment that is ideal for you. Variable  sizes, a selection of different lighting technologies, switch variants, additional dimming function, Bluetooth sound system, integrated cosmetic mirrors, rounded corners or individual laserings on many models. Tailor made mirrors to your specific needs, ideal for bathrooms in homes, hotels, restaurants and venues.

We’ve categorised the mirrors below, but don’t forget they can be customised to completely suit your needs.

Zierath LED Dress-Up LYZ Mirror

Gone are the days of bad lighting.. A full length mirror ideal for changing rooms and bathrooms. Features switchable light modes for the perfect lighting. Ideal for the fashion sector, hairdressing salons, cosmetic institutes or opticians.

Why Choose Zierath LYZ Mirrors?

  • If your planning a shop fitting, LYZ will win customers over and encourage purchasing.
  • LED Pro 2.0 lighting technology. It includes 3 light modes 2800 K (night look) / 4000 K (day look) / 5500 K (colour check) which are activated by a touch control panel on the mirror.
  • Day Look: whether you’re trying on casual clothes or work clothes at 4000 kelvin, day look will mimic daytime lighting.
  • Night Look: See how clothes will look in evening light at 2800 kelvin.
  • Colour Check: At 5500 kelvin colour check ensures your customer selects the right colour outfit. Ensures your customer will be completly happy with their purchase resulting in fewer returns.
  • Includes motion sensor.
  • Make it your own with branding options available such as lasered branding of a logo on the touch panel or illuminated branding with logo in a position of your choice.
  • Can also come with USB-port and smartphone glass shelf on request.

Pro 2.0 Mirrors

Thanks to LED PRO 2.0 technology, you don’t have to adjust to the light on these mirrors. Three light colors offer optimal lighting for every occasion. Functional cosmetic light, optimal light for your day make-up or mood light for evening make-up – you can also easily determine which light you need and in which brightness. Due to the fluidity of Zierath products these can be customised with the many options listed.

Zierath Moon Mirror Pro 2.0

LED Pro 2.0 Technology • Variable sizes • Easy touch technology

Optional Extras: Anti fog heat film • Socket • Rounded Edges • Corner Section • Flip mirror side panel • Glass Shelf • Indirect washbasin lighting  •  Indirect washbasin & ceiling lighting (deluxe)

Zierath Wings Mirror Pro 2.0

Coming Soon.

Zierath Vegas Mirror Pro 2.0

Coming Soon.

Zierath Z2 Mirror Pro 2.0

Coming Soon.

Zierath Your Style

What size do you need? Bespoke shapes and sizes are what Zierath do best. The Your Style range is particularly useful if you have an awkward space or a vision of what you would like the bathroom space to look like. Your Style can be millimetre perfect for bespoke sizes, and you can choose your design preferences such as adding rounded corners for softness to the overall look.

Whether you love a mirror and want to discuss further or have a specific idea and your desired solution is not shown here, please contact us. Zierath mirrors enable us to fulfill almost any request.