Gemss 3D Wood Mosaic Designs

Gemss Exotic Wood Mosaics

Beautifully creating the Illusion of a 3D Surface Design

Gemss Wood Mosaics are created from the remnants of timber used in the furniture industry, and lovingly worked into these fabulous mosaic designs. Each design is available is 6 finishes.

Why Choose Gemms 2D & 3D Panels?

  • Eco Friendly. Produced from logs that were already felled but not found applicable for standard furniture. Gemms wooden mosaics reduce the need to cut down more trees, the modular tile format also helps minimise waste in application.
  • Can be used to clad surfaces of any size with seamless appearance. This also includes surfaces with simple & complex curvature as the wooden mosaic panels have a fabric backing and offer substantial flexibility in application.
  • Created with precision, meticulous engineering and stringent measures of quality control resulting in the high levels of quality and consistency across different batches of production.

3D Panels


2D Panels with a 3D Illusion

Amazonite | Tile Per Sheet: 48 | Sheet Dimension: 305 x 382 x 5mm
Pyrite | Tile Per Sheet: 64 | Sheet Dimension: 305 x 305 x 5mm
Zircon Exquisite | Tile Per Sheet: 64 | Sheet Dimension: 305 x 356 x 5mm
Volanco | Tile Per Sheet: 96 | Sheet Dimension: 305 x 325 x 5mm
Zicron Glorious | Tile Per Sheet: 48 | Sheet Dimension: 305 x 356 x 5mm


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