Luxury Cork Panels

Muratto Cork

Muratto is one of the most highly distinguished brands of natural surface design. Due to our love of stylish sustainable products, how could we resist supplying this beautiful product.

The material is placed in interiors of well known brands such as Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Holiday Inn to name a few.

Murrato Organic Blocks

100% natural wall panels, made from cork granules with special resins. Simply install with glue or stickers. Available in a vast array of different colours.

Design Blocks

Available in the below patterns: Beehive, Chock, Mini Chock, Drop, Hexagon, Peak and Senses.

See virtual sample videos

Acoustic Panels

Available in the below patterns: Undertone and Buzzer. Panels designed to dissipate sound waves. Colour Options – Coming Soon

Cork Strips

Available in the below patterns: Infinity, Zigzag, Step, Geometric and Wave. Colour Options – Coming Soon

Murrato Cork Bricks

Available in the 3D, Bev and Grand ranges. As with the Organic Blocks collection these panels are also 100% natural made from cork granules with special resins, simple to install wand available in a vast array of different colours.

3D: Made from light cork pieces with natural treatment. Available in different thicknesses.  300 x 100 x 7mm | 200 x 100 x 11mm | 100 x 100 x 14mm

Bev: A rustic but stylish look BEV has a rough and distinct aspect. Its finished with beveled edge to give it an extra touch of style. 230 x 70 x 7mm

Grand: Provides beautiful pattern possibilities through the array of shapes and ample colour options. 300 x 200 x 4mm | 200 x 200 x 7mm | 200 x 100 x 11mm | 100 x 100 x 14mm

Colour Options – Coming Soon

Korkstone Panels

Available in the Triangles and Classic ranges. Colour Options – Coming Soon

Primal Cork Collection

A rich natural cork that is warm and comforting. Silky touch, smooth and unobtrusive aesthetics, easily installed with glue. 600 x 450 x 4mm. Colour Options – Coming Soon

See virtual sample videos


Browse Our Muratto Luxury Cork, Concrete Flex and Metalegance Catalogue on Dropbox for technical information & colour options or contact us

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