Natura 3D Cork

3D Rustic Cork

Natura Cork Wall Panels & Art

Each Natura panel is unique and unrepeatable, due to the beautiful natural irregularities of cork wood. Carefully made by hand, impossible to be industrialised. Real cork in its natural state, colours and texture.

Why Choose Magna Natura Cork?

  • Corkwood,  commonly known “Portuguese Jewel” is vegetarian textile that is 100% natural.
  • 100% sustainable, not only because it is pure cork that is extracted without harming the tree, which remains alive and regenerating for generations, but also by using pieces of cork from the production of stoppers.
  • the bark of the cork oak (quercus suber) which is not suitable to produce the cork stoppers and till the Magna Natura solutions was crushed to particles to make the granulated cork.
  • Corkwood is light and flexible.
  • The material is a natural thermic isolator and fire resistant.
  • The coverings are treated with an exclusive Magna Natura formulation, which reinforces the natural waterproofing capacity of cork, the antifungal capacity and resistance to UV rays.
  • Unique acoustic benefits that only authentic cork can offer.

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Wall Panel or Wall Art. Each design is available as either a wall panel or wall art. Wall panels are sold per sqm for covering walls. Wall art includes the boards ready to hang in the wall like a painting or a mirror, the standard size is 80 x 120 cm but can be bespoke in multiples of 40cm.

Woll Design

Inspired by the wall stone cladding of the shale houses of remote Portuguese villages, full of history, creating a timeless beauty that unites ecology and refinement in one piece. The random juxtaposition of the small irregular pieces increases the natural acoustic benefits of pure cork, absorbing part of the sound waves.

Wall Panel: 300 x 600mm panel size | 9 panels per pack: 1.62 m2 | Available natural or finished (varnish or colour)

Art Work: 80 x 120 cm x 3-5cm, or custom measurements with certain limitations | Landscape or portrait | Natural or finished (varnish or colour)

Corbu Design

Dragon Scales Design

Coming Soon

Portuguese Side Walk Design

Interpretation of the unique Portuguese pedestrian side walks. The Mosaic designs are composed of small squares of cork of random thicknesses to give a 3D effect for enhanced acoustic properties. The arrangement of the pieces is done manually, similar as the Portuguese paver masters do.

Wall Panel: 400 x 400mm panel size | 4 panels per pack: 0.64 m2

Art Work: 80 x 120 cm x 1.8-3cm, or measurements custom with certain limitations


Quercus Design

Scales Design

Scales of cork naturally hanging in an extraordinarily beautiful irregular flow. Available in three versions – light golden (inner face of cork), brown (darker due to being in direct contact with the tree trunk) and mixed.


X Cork Design

Zebra Design

Cork QR Codes For Businesses

Coming soon.


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